Are you planing to sell art, antiquities, inherited items or to resolve your collection? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit us at our premises, or contact us via email or telephone. We are happy to help you to find the actual market value of your treasures.

Prior to visiting us it makes sense to send us some photos by Email if you can so we can start reviewing your objects right away. If need be we can arrange an appointment so we can look over your collection at your location.

Both Auktionshaus Saarbrücken and the seller conclude a contract for the items to be sold. Both sides agree to the limit price for each object in said contract. If an item is sold the seller gets the hammer price minus the commission.

Direct sale

Does the seller not wish to wait for an auction we can offer a direct sale in some cases. Only upon explicit request and with suitable items Auktionshaus Saarbrücken will then buy the items off the seller.


Please contact us if you wish a valuation for your items. For an approximate valuation you can visit us with your items. Should you require a written valuation we will charge you with a moderate fee for our service.